Tourist Attraction



Marawilla Beach

01. Beautiful Beach

Kankaniyamulla Forest 

A natural forest reserve which is attracted by nature lovers and bird watchers both local and foreign. It is ideal for nature photographers.


1. ideal for nature photographers

wildlife photography to help you capture that decisive moment in animal interactions and behavior.

2. Study about birds world

Many species of birds can be commonly seen in Sri Lanka and well over 30 species can be observed even in the most built up parts of the capital city, Colombo. However there are more elusive species which are only found in deep wet zone forests or birds that are only found in dry arid areas or species which are confined to the hill forests. For those who are interested in birding or studying the very interesting behaviour of these different species of our birds a knowledge of where these birds occur would be invaluable. Considering the rich diversity of fauna and flora in the country a visit to any of these places will also result in you being able to observe so many other species of plants and animals as well.

Yapahuwa Kingdom

Mahamevnawa Monastery