The restaurant offers homemade mouth watering Sri Lankan and international food of your choice.
There is a well experienced cook who does the hard job for your satisfaction.

You can have your meals under a canopy of a huge tree, in a garden summer hut, in the guest house or especially inside the tree house.

The most important is you are having the rare opportunity for tasting farm fresh fruits and vegetables without any chemicals.

In addition ….

BBQ facility is available with several options

Fresh fruit juices is available at any time of the day

Self cooking is available on request with the cooking utensils provided by us.

  • BBQ 1 Kg Rs. 1,700/= (Surcharges for Special Varieties)
  • Bites Rs.750/= (500g) & Rs.1500/= ( 1Kg)
  • French Fry Rs.750/= (500g) & Rs.1500/= ( 1Kg)
  • Vegetable Boil Rs.1200/=(1Kg)

Tasty Breakfast

Delicious Breakfast

Tasty Breakfast